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This is a local photo management system written with the Java language. Using B/S architecture. Server Servlet provides a RESTful style interface, for direct access to the web browser. Service provides a background task scans the specified directory, and collect the specified suffix photos, then generate a photo gallery. HASH fingerprint is used to recognize the duplicate pic fils. The shooting time in Exif is used to sort all the files. By identifying the picture's aspect ratio, set the appropriate display size on a Web page. Eventually in time axis to generate a year, month, and day dimensions page.


For ARM platform, such as Raspberry3 ubuntu-mate system, compile jdbcsqlite native so first. Other platform may not need this.

cd jAlbum<br/>
ant -f build_for_Raspberry3.xml

For other platforms, such as Windows, X86 Linux etc. just run the command like:

cd jAlbum

The build target files are store in the jAlbum/distribute folder.

You can also get the release package in this web page: jAlbum release


0. Configure the jalbum.xml file.

cd jAlbum/distribute
edit the jalbum.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>  
        <dir>C:\\Program Files\\</dir>

picfilesuffix the file type with the suffix that can be scaned by the tool. It is ignorecase. If the "mp4" suffix is configured, You must make sure there is ffprobe exe command in the server. See FFmpeg. for details.
inputdir specify the folder which nedd to scan.
minfilesize specify the min size of Pic file in byte.
maxpicsperonepage specify the max pic count of one index page.

threadcount specify the size of thread pool.
hashalog specify the file HASH fingerprint Algorithm. The common algorithms are: SHA-256, MD5, SHA-1. You can find the stand algorithm names in MessageDigest Algorithms.
excludedir specify the folder which you do not like the tool scan and display the content of it.
thumbnaildir specify the folder which to store the thumbnail to.

1. Start the tool

For the ARM platforms like Raspberry3 ubuntu-mate system:

cd jAlbum/distribute

For other linux platforms:

cd jAlbum/distribute

For Windows platforms:

cd jAlbum/distribute


### Open the url: http://ip:2148/ in any Web Browser to access the photo album.


jAlbum Screenshot